delaware Bands and artists - you need to update your band photos for 2024!

Since moving from New Jersey in 2022, I've noticed there are a lot of local artists down here that play bars, small venues and even some bigger venues in the Rehoboth Beach, Lewes and Dewey Beach area. Another thing I noticed is their photography leaves a lot to be desired! There's this cut and paste style where people use their live shots from an iPhone and use that has a promotional image. No No No!

While that might be okay in the interim, if you want to be taken a little more serious, upgrade some band photos where everyone is posing together on stage, outside a venue, the beach, wherever. If locals and tourists see you'e playing in the area with some nice photographs, they will be more inclined to see your performance! Just remember, your images are also your brand for the band or yourself.

If you're need of some band photographs and concert photography in 2024, please let me know and we can work something out! I have some prices on my Prices page. We can meet up at a location in the coastal Delaware area, at an open mic session, outside the music venue, inside the music venue or a location of your chose! Let's get serious and work together!

Bad River at The Room at Cedar Grove
Paul Cullen and The Fitzkee Brothers
The Dirty Grass Players band at Rocking the Docks in Lewes